What are the topmost tips to prepare online for CBSE 2020 during pandemics?

What are the topmost tips to prepare online for CBSE 2020 during pandemics

What are the topmost tips to prepare online for CBSE 2020 during pandemics?

  • November 9, 2020

Give your best in CBSE 2020 for your exams

Students often get worried about how they can give their best in the exams. Especially, due to pandemics, a normal working routine has been impacted greatly. Whether you are preparing for CBSE, ICSE, or any other exam, you can avail of benefits with online classes.

With Bonsai Educator tutors the learning for CBSE and ICSE online classes has been made much easier and students can get maximum benefit with it.

  • Make a list of topics which need attention

Before you begin with online learning, you should go through the CBSE syllabus and then select which topics & chapters you need to study. After that, you need to manage the time on how you need to give it to every topic which includes spending time watching videos, solving questions, and making essential notes.

  • Get an understanding of the topics from NCERT textbooks

Make sure you read the topics from the NCERT textbooks and try to solve some questions. This will give you an insight into what you need to study and how to keep your focus. Once you are done with this you should watch videos online. It might sound simple but this will make the learning easier.

  • Focus on images, infographics, and mind maps.

Videos are great to learn something new but sometimes other resources are needed which helps to understand the topics easily. You can even find infographics and mind maps online. This option is considered better as compared to short videos.

  • Make sure to focus on memorization methods

Students face issues when they want to memorize the topic through an online class. With subjects like chemistry, they face problems understanding the periodic table and many essential topics. Fortunately, with Bonsai educators tutors online tutorials students can have a better understanding of the concept or topics for a long time.

  • Get all the solutions online

Once you are done completing all the exercises you need to simply check the solutions online. When you spend your time practicing on pen and paper it will work for a long way.

  • Make your notes

You can take advantage of note-making apps like Google Keep, & Microsoft OneNote which is a great way to manage all your notes on mobile, desktop, and laptops. However, it does not mean you need to spend all your time making the notes. It would be best to make the notes with pen and paper as you can memorize it for a long time.

  • Regular revision is important

Revision is important when you want to succeed in the exams. Students remember only 50% of what they have studied. This problem can be easily dealt with if you go through all your notes from time to time. Frequent revision is going to help you memorize all the subjects.

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