What are the tips for CBSE exams for class 8th and 10th students?

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What are the tips for CBSE exams for class 8th and 10th students?

  • November 11, 2020


Whether it is an entry-level exam or university level, it can lead to stressful situations.  In case you are stressed about how to prepare for the exams due to the current scenario than with our CBSE online classes, you can study smart and in a proper manner.

 CBSE Exam Preparation Tips

  • Follow a proper schedule

You need to sleep on time and then wake up on time. Make sure to eat well and then give proper time to your studies. You should not stay up later and avoid playing video games. Make sure to prepare for the important day every day. Relax and do not think about the exams all day. Go out and play or read a book to refresh your mind & then focus on your studies.

  • Do not try to put the burden on yourself

Make sure you do everything constructively but do not put a burden on it. You should not feel the pressure to do everything in one go. You need to keep the targets realistic and take it slow. Just make sure to give enough time to revision. If you have 5 to 6 subjects then take a maximum of 3 subjects and then pick just 1 or 2 topics from each of them. It is better to understand them in-depth to give you the best in the exams. On the next day, pick other topics to study.

  • Plan your day

You need to mix and match. It means in one day you should not just focus on one subject. If you try to do so then you are putting a burden on yourself and it will make it difficult for you to understand the topics. You can begin your day with an easy subject and focus on it for 1 hour and then move on to a heavy subject. Make sure that you take a break in between and then resume the topic.

  • Make sure to do sample paper

Make sure that you solve CBSE sample papers each day from 10 am to 12 pm. In this environment, you will feel that you are close to the examination centre environment. Once you are done, you should give yourself marking according to the CBSE marking scheme. Every day you should pick a different subject and then assess yourself in the end. Make sure to work on your weak points to give your best in the exams.

  • Meditate

Exercise and meditation are extremely important as it improves concentration. When you meditate it is going to improve your working of the mind and the stress levels are managed. You will have more control over the entire situation and you are going to perform effectively. You can go for a walk or do yoga to relax your mind. Make sure your mental health is not impacted at any cost and keep yourself healthy.

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