Some facts about teaching which all the ICSE teachers should know


Some facts about teaching which all the ICSE teachers should know

  • November 5, 2020

Ludhiana: There are some things which an ICSE teacher should be aware of before entering the classroom. Knowing these facts will ensure that the teacher is fully prepared. The current situation made everyone study online. If you are the one who is taking ICSE online classes and looking for ways to teach the students, then you are at the right place.

Let us check some teaching facts that are mentioned below:

Every student is special in their way

In training classes, teachers learn ways to teach the students right. They think that the way they are learning is best but this is not true. Every student is different and understands things differently. A teacher should learn how to understand students in the easiest way. He should clear all the doubts. A teacher should support each student sitting in his class. That support will help students in succeeding in life.

Engage your students

Every teacher is having knowledge as well as experience in their subject. But not all the students will understand as well as show interest. So a teacher should make sure that his students are developing interest while studying. If interest will not be there, then they are unable to understand the concepts. They should make sure each student is engaging during the class. The teacher should come up with certain activities that will help the student in understanding the concepts in a better way.

Plan about your subject

The teacher should make a plan before only about what topics he is going to teach the students. He should do brainstorming which will help him to come up with creative examples. The teacher should integrate the subjects and then teach the students. It will help them during the learning process.

Give space to the students

Not all the students will learn the topic at once. So the new teacher should make sure that he is giving some space to the students. It will help students to understand the topic at its pace. It will help students to become more creative as well as passionate about learning. You should also make sure that all your students are understanding the topics. You can also tell the students to teach their partner. It will increase their knowledge as well as confidence.

Take advantage of technology

You can take help from technology and will help the students to clear their doubts efficiently. It will help students to explore more. Teach your students on how they can take advantage of the technology for studying. You should give them the right guidance and information on how to find information with the help of technology. This is the era of digitalization, so you should make your students updated with the latest technology and tell them how beneficial it is for them.



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