What are the topmost suggestions that will help you in scoring higher marks in Science?

What are the topmost suggestions that will help you in scoring higher marks in Science

What are the topmost suggestions that will help you in scoring higher marks in Science?

  • November 20, 2020

In this blog, we are going to talk about ICSE Science exam preparation tips that will help students at scoring higher marks.

  • Derivations & Formula

The students will be having numerous formulas and derivations. So it is better to write and practice the formula as much as you can. You should do the derivations twice a day and will help you in remembering.

  • Join Online classes

You can also join ICSE online classes that will help you in clearing all your doubts at your convenience.

  • Chemical Equations

There will be lots of chemical equations to remember and periodic tables as well. So you should revise all the equations early in the morning as well as before sleeping. The student will not get confused. You can also make a register where you can draw the tables. It will help you in revising for final exams.

  • Draw the diagrams

If you are good at remembering the labels of diagrams then it is good but if you are bad at making the diagrams then start practising it. In biology paper, there are chances you will get a question to make a neat diagram and label it. You should draw the diagrams every weekend and will help you in recalling the labels.

  • Maintain a speed

No matter if you are drawing or solving the equations you should check your speed. It will help you in nourishing the speed and help you in completing the exam on time. In fact, set a timer and check how much time you are solving the derivation of the equation.

  • Make points

You should write your answer in point and will help you in explaining the answer correctly especially while writing lengthy answers. You can also highlight the keywords with a pencil or pen. It will make your answer look worth reading.

  • Make a schedule

You should make a timetable that will help you in giving proper time to each subject. In fact, you can give a little extra time to tough subjects. It will help you to go through all the topics in a proper way. You can take naps in between that will help you in refreshing your mind.

  • Practice! Practice! practice!

Instead of mugging up you should write and practice. And we are sure it will never let you forget the answer for life. It will also help you in understanding each concept in a better way.

  • Write the answer in your own words

We can understand it is difficult to write the bookish language. But need not worry you can write answers in your own language. Read the topic from the book and explain it in your own words.

  • Take care of your health

Students usually take a lot of stress and end up spoiling their mental as well as physical health. So students should eat healthy food. You should eat green vegetables, fruits, nuts will help you in staying fit and healthy.


  • Practice previous years question paper

You can get added advantage by practising previous years question papers. Also, it will help you in knowing the exam pattern. You can set the timer and solve question papers. It will help you in knowing whether you can complete your exam on time or not or need extra practice.

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