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IGCSE Online Classes Ludhiana PunjabCambridge IGCSE, UK GCSE, and O Level have recognized qualifications on an international level and these are selected by students worldwide. The qualification helps the students to get an excellent base for the progression of advanced levels such as A level and Cambridge International AS. In India, Cambridge IGCSE and Cambridge O Levels (Ordinary Levels) are equivalent to class 10th and for class 12th there is an A and AS level. All these qualifications are more or less the same when it comes to the science stream whereas the student’s main focus is on Chemistry, Physics, Biology, and Mathematics. Due to COVID-19, the students are looking for IGCSE 9th & 10th Class online classes so that the students can understand the subject effectively. Our IGCSE tutors will give you detailed information on every subject so that you can give you the best in the exams. With our IGCSE Online Classes, the student can prepare in the best manner.

What is the difference between GCSE, IGCSE, and the Cambridge O level?

Before we start, we want to make you understand that the qualifications mentioned above the class and these are accepted by the universities. 

Range of Students

O level and IGCSE are better suited for students who are from overseas and their first language in English. Pupils take the exams. Moreover, the O level course is developed in such a way that it needs the local needs like minority languages. 

Assessment Techniques

The number of assessment methods is used by IGCSE which are the same as GCSE which include the orals, exams, coursework, and practicals. Their exam pattern is focused on problem-solving, subject knowledge, and skills required for the applications. Our tutors will assist you through the entire duration 

Grading System

The IGCSE system is suitable for the number of abilities that can be seen in the students’ grades and they are awarded from A to G. With the O level grading system the range is lowered whereas grades are from A to E. In GCSE, A*-G grades were replaced with Grade 9 to Grade 1.

About AS and A Level:

AS (Advanced Subsidiary) and A (Advanced) 

Both these levels are pre-university programs and are recognized on an international level. A and AS level are taught in the same manner. Bt, A level takes a longer time to complete as it is more advanced. By doing, it helps the students to get better opportunities in the future and they can even opt to study in universities. 

Why are Online tutors considered the best?

IGCSE subjects, especially in the science stream, want the students to be creative so that they can give their best and get the best results. The courses are in excess and for effective learning, there is a need to give enough time. This is one of the reasons you study online for the O level and A level. Bonsai educators tutors are highly skilled and make the student understand every subject with perfection. They can help you identify the skill gaps and make you move in the right direction for future success. 

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